The travel industry is seeing a boom. Adventure travel is also flourishing in the recent years. People love to be in the action and some of them even decide to start trading online with HB Swiss. The binary options trading and the canoe/ kayak rentals business would surely turn out profitable if done the right way.

Things to remember:

  • If you have plans of starting a canoe/ kayak rental business keep these things in mind:
  • Outdoor sports are mainly about the fun factor and socializing. To start a fun business, you should also understand the sport well. This would help you understand the customers better. This would also require a strong knit community to form.
  • Canoe or kayak business would be seasonal. It is not an all-weather year-round business. So do not start it with an idea of making it your sole source of income.
  • Have a proper business plan to understand and estimate your budget and this would help you list down your finance options.
  • Like every other business, decide on the source of capital for the business.
  • It can be a risky business. If you tie-up with a local association you might save a lot of efforts and money. You could perhaps approach a park or a recreation center to set up a small canoe/ kayak rental spot within the already existing place. So this would avoid a lot of extra expenses you might have to otherwise have to bear.
  • Decide on your focus group. There might be regular adventure sports lovers, the seasonal travelers, and tourists, school groups coming in school trips. You should have a clear picture about which type of customer would come when.

Finding the perfect spot:

Is there a safe river where canoeing and kayaking are allowed in your locality? This is obviously the first question you would be asking yourself. There might be already available riverfront businesses. Merging with these businesses can be a good place to start with. Like we discussed earlier, this would reduce a lot of expenses to be done on the amenities. You would then have to think about the office where you would actually interact with your customers. The next comes the spot for storage of the gear. All your canoes and kayaks would have to be stored the right way. In addition to these, the necessary safety gear like life jackets, floats, and other accessories, as well as paddles, would also require a separate space for storage.

Once you are done with the decisions about the above factors, enquire about the licensing required in your area. This would also be comparatively simpler if you start as a part of a previously existing business rather than a standalone spot.

Getting your finances right:

With seasonal businesses, you should be cautious in making your investments. There are places where canoe kayak businesses have a great finance scope and yield good returns all-round the year. But that might not be the case everywhere. Also, the need for a proper source of finance and the right lender or bank would make your work easy. As you would be investing on a lot of equipment and there might be a temporary increase in demand during peak seasons.

Our small town prices won’t break the bank. A couple can rent bikes for the day for $20.00. Groups with ten or more qualify for our group rates.

2013 Rental Rates* Weekdays Weekends
Kayaks2-5 hours $23.00 $27.00
Canoe/ tandem kayak2-5 hrs $33.00 $39.00
Group Rates8+ people (per person) $15.00 $17.50
Bike RentalsAll Day $13.00 $13.00
Shuttle for your own boat* $11.00  $11.00
Canoe and kayak rentals include vests, paddles, and shuttle.
*Prices shown are based on our most common trips. We reserve the right to adjust prices, and typically do, for longer trips, multiple pick-ups, etc.

If you’re thinking about buying a kayak or canoe, we stock a wide variety of brand names. We sell new or used kayaks in all prices ranges.

Come by and we’ll take you out on the water before you buy.

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