Not Just a Vacation

The travel industry is a steadily growing one. Business travel, in particular, has been growing tremendously. Recent studies show that the total amount spent on business travels, globally, is also seeing a surge, though you don’t need to go anywhere to be successful trading with Quantum Code. We fail to realize how much global trends and lot of other external factors affect business travel. And the money spent on business travel affects the global economy.

Here are some of the quick facts about the current trends and the future outlook for the business travel industry:

The role played by smartphones would rise:

This is one of the fastest going trends. With the business travel sector growing, more businesses are focusing on making the travel time more productive. Not just that, recently the common observation is that the desktop and laptop usage is slowly reducing. The time spent on smartphones and tablets is increasing. Travel bookings and ticket status inquiries all happen on smartphones in most of the cases. This trend would continue to steadily expand in the coming years too.

Digital wallet payments:

Payments for ticket bookings for the air or rail tickets, as well as local sightseeing bookings, happen through digital wallets in a lot of instances. A digital economy would be a more traceable and accountable economy. This is thus a welcome growth. There would be more transactions happening through digital wallets. Especially with business travel, the rapid processing times of payments through digital wallets makes it an attractive option.

Traveling abroad would occur more often:

The predictions based on the current trends show that overseas travel would increase. Businesses are scattered globally. Multi-national companies are ruling the global economy. So a business would be flourishing in many countries. This would create situations for the employees to travel abroad to the client’s end or the customer’s place or even meet up with their global team every now and then. Even in the cases of non-business trips, as more and more people are realizing the benefits of traveling, overseas travel for fun is also on the rise.

Canoe and kayaking businesses see a surge:

River banks are great for camping. Adventure travel is flourishing. Camping, hiking, and adventure sports all get the adrenaline running. These give an influential break in the current busy life. So more people are traveling to such spots that include adventure sports like river rafting, canoeing, kayaking, paragliding, sky-diving, scuba-diving and more. Canoe and kayak rentals business and the adventure tourism business, in general, is thus seeing a growth phase. This doesn’t end with canoe and kayak business, even the skiing and snow sports industry is seeing a positive path ahead.

Not many might mix business and pleasure:

Work-life balance has been the talk of the hour. As work is getting hectic in every business sector and every type of job, people no more wish to mix business and pleasure. So instead of clubbing their holidays with the business travels, people have actually started traveling for pleasure. Some organizations are also keeping employee benefits in the picture and allotting separate funds to sponsor the pleasure trips of its employees periodically.